Common Water Problems

Itchy Skin and Dry Hair

There are two common causes contributing to itchy skin and dry hair. The first is hard water which is caused by dissolved minerals that are in your tap water. Hard water prevents soaps and shampoos from lathering fully and rinsing away completely, leaving a film on your skin and hair. The film may prevent removal of soil and bacteria. The second common cause for dry hair and itchy skin is the chemicals used to keep city water safe. 

Stiff cloths and towels

Over time, dissolved minerals in hard water build up in the fabric, trapping detergent and preventing it from rinsing away. Machine-drying clothing that is filled with minerals and detergent residue literally bakes them into the fabric, fading out colours and brightness. Your clothes may look dull and flat and feel rough. 

Spots on dried glasses and dishware

Dissolved minerals from hard water are left behind as the water that carries them evaporates. These spots can show up on most surfaces that tap water comes in contact with such as your countertops, stainless steel appliances, glassware, dishware, tea kettle, coffee pot and even your car if you're washing it with untreated, hard water. 

Appliances lifetime

The minerals in the water build up inside pipes, sapping water pressure, using more energy and making your appliances work harder and wear out faster and ultimately leads to pipe replacement. Hard water contributes to inefficient and costly operation of water-using appliances. Heated hard water forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals (limescale deposits) that can contribute to the inefficient operation or failure of water-using appliances.

Microbiological Concerns

Well water sources bring their own challenges and require extra precautions, including regular testing for viruses, bacterial and other microbiological contaminants. Water that comes in contact with harmful contaminants, both natural and man-made, can carry them into your home and should be tested regularly.

A combination of a Water Softener and a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System can solve all water problems for you and your family and provide you with the best possible water to use throughout your home
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