Customer Testimonials


I wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with our new Kinetico Water system.  We've been living with it for about a month now and were very happy with the professional install and overall efficiency of the whole system.   We have had no drop in pressure in our RO system, even during busy times of day at higher usage levels (serving a family of 6). The pressure is much stronger than our old system and the water flow is consistent at all times.  I'm very pleased with our recent purchase and look forward to many years enjoying clean, safe water in our new home.

thank you again,

John Fisher Public School

École publique John Fisher Public School is grateful for your generous donation to our June Fair 2013! It is because of you that we were able to raise funds and have great fun doing it! Your exemplary community spirit is invaluable and helps create our future scientists, musicians, architects, etc... a huge

THANK YOU from all of us at École publique John Fisher Public School!

Jamie B (Toronto)

During our house renovation, we wanted to integrate a good water treatment system at the point the municipal water enters our house as well as have a specialized system for drinking water in our new kitchen. Out of all of the upgrades we added in our home, the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is by far our best investment. The most delicious water is accessible anytime and my plants have never been so green lush! Kinetico provided a simple, effective and affordable way for us to regularly consume and use clean, healthy water at every tap in our house

Steven M

When I came home I was surprised to see what an outstanding job the installer did. I am quite picky and have contractors come through the house on a regular basis to do various work and this is the first time in 2 dozen + instances that the work was perfect. Had I done it my self I wouldn't have changed a thing. System works flawlessly and even the install looks spectacular (you can see the detail). Not sure what your other installers are like but if you guys want to keep impressing clients, I recommend you get this fellow to train the others. Seriously, I could put the install behind glass and show it off, its that nice.


Dr. Barry

I've accepted the R/O as so much part of my life that it has been difficult for me to step back and see the difference made by it. Until….. I got a phone call from a prospective client of yours who wanted an appraisal of the system you installed in my home. I have been committed to some form of water treatment for many years, first with Brita, and then faucet attached systems. After my last unit began leaking AGAIN, I decided to "bite the bullet", and have a more substantial and reliable system installed. I did some reading and from that I became convinced that reverse osmosis (R/O) was the way to go. Blu (Bluewater store) is in my neighbourhood and I dropped in to talk with you. I enjoyed your presentation and decided to go with the kinetico R/O. No sooner had I purchased the unit, it was quickly installed in my home. The first thing I noticed was the flow rate from the unit faucet was more than adequate and has remained so, more than three months as of now. While running the R/O water, I can still use the untreated water source. There is no question that the treated water tastes better than the untreated. Not only do I use the treated water for drinking, but also for washing food prior to eating and/or preparing. The water is also used in my home humidifier, Aroma Spa, and for water exchanges in my tropical fish tank. In the course of a typical day, I use as much as 2 gallons of treated water. I highly recommend anyone to speak with Robert Azzopardi, and give serious consideration for purchasing the kinetico R/O.


Honestly I can't tell people enough about Kinetico and our experience should they be looking for a system. You are truly professional in every aspect of presenting the company and yourself. If the opportunity presents itself in the future Linda and I have no hesitation in promoting you and Kinetico.

Thanks again.

Teresa and John - Woodbridge Ontario

We were initially interested in purchasing a water treatment solution for our home a couple of years ago.  After comparing several advertised water treatment systems, including those featured at various trade shows, we decided to contact our local Kinetico professional in the spring of 2012.  Following a very informative in-home presentation and water audit, we decided to have a complete whole-home water treatment system installed immediately.  The results were noticeable soon after the system was installed.  In addition to the advertised benefits, the system has benefitted our family in many ways from helping to alleviate irritating skin conditions (through better hydration, reduction in detergent and fabric softener use and the removal of chlorine from our home’s water supply) to making sure expensive appliances don't become choked with scale build-up.  The dedicated water drinking faucet has also encouraged the children to drink more water and understand the importance of proper hydration.  The reduction in plastic bottle use is astounding.  Overall, we are comforted in knowing that the water we use for all aspects of our household living is clean.

Satisfied Kinetico Customers

E & M

My wife and I were looking to find  the proper reverse osmosis system for our two homes, but most importantly the right group to advise, support, and be honest. When we first called Robert from Blu Water Store, he immediately responded to our inquiries, he came to our place to discuss and evaluate our home, and proposed the different solutions we needed without putting any pressure. It’s easy to see that Robert has been in the health business for a long time, his professionalism, broad knowledge, and especially his energy was very refreshing! When renovations were almost completed, they sent us an installer for our Kinetico systems. They were on time, extremely professional, they showed us how to properly take care of our system, explained the annual service THEY would take care of, and followed up to make sure we were satisfied. Our water went from 220 ppm to less than 10 ppm.  Ask Robert he’ll explain! It’s been 6 months and we fell better already. 5 stars is rare these days, you deserve them, bravo, and thank you!

Our air filtration systems

Again, amazing Robert delivered the answers! My wife and I were looking for air filtration systems, as both our homes are downtown in two different cities. Robert evaluated the air to find out that we were at more than 500,000 ppm per cubic foot of air. He was very professional in explaining the health benefits and advantages of air filtration systems, and proposing the right systems for our homes. We read more into the subject, Robert answered all questions we might have, and finally we went ahead with the recommendations from Robert. It does make a difference! The air in the hallway outside our condo is at more than 600,000 parts per million, the outside air on the balcony at more than 1,500,000 ppm! It's been 5 months and our NEW air inside the condo is now at 90,000 ppm in the large main living area and LESS than 35,000 ppm in each of the bedrooms! Again it does make a difference to breath fresher air during the day and especially at night. And let’s not forget less dust! Thanks again Robert for making our life healthier.


We got both kinetico drinking and soft water installed last year and have been enjoying it for 9 months.

Yes, the kinetice is a bit pricy compared to other water systems as it is the best in the market but I have to say the money is totally worth it. I had eczma problem since my early 20's over ten years now and i can tell my skin is improving and my husband always compliment that our skin is so soft including the kids.

My kids love bubble bath and with a tiny drop of soap you get the whole tub bubbled up. It's amazing. And the tast of drinking water is so good that I even get a lot of compliments from guests. Now I am so used to this high quality of water systems and can't even imagine going back to regular city water system!

Thank you Kinetico and Robert from Blu water who helped me make the right decision!

Anne M

We have had a very good service from Nimbus over the years, and this year was no exception, as we had an issue with no water at the top. Santo from Nimbus was available on two Saturdays to help us troubleshoot the problem to a successful conclusion. Thanks from Fredericton!


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