Customer Testimonials


I purchased the system fairly recentlyand initial installation was quick and clean with a follow-up call from the agent. A minor adjustment was dealt with efficiently and follow-up by the agent was again done to ensure our complete satisfaction. Thus far the system is working very well with salt useage very much lower than a previous sytem and quality of water is very acceptable.

Sadia & Junaid

We were looking for a water filtration system for our whole house for a long time. We researched online regarding water companies and their products that would meet and exceed our requirements. They needed to save energy and money in  the long term and improve our over all health and life style. Our decision to live a healthier lifestyle started paying off as soon as we had Kinetico installed from Blue water store.  Robert soon after you came to our house you suggested to us what was necessary. You were very detailed about the products and very professional and guided us. We are very thankful to you  and your team for taking care of us so well.  Your  after sales service is excellent  and we are enjoying our daily life with  our Kinetico water system. Robert you also recomended to us other healty choices and products which we didn't hesitate to introduce into our life. Thank you Robert, we strongly recommend  you and your team to anyone who is ready to change to a healthier life style.

Danielle & Alan

We love our Kinetico water system. We were especially impressed with Robert's extensive knowledge, customer service and help. This system has allowed us to eliminate plastic water bottles from our life, which we are grateful for. This water also is so much
nicer on our skin and hair! I love the taste, especially when you compare it to bottled water, which I now notice has a greasy taste to it that I can't stand.

We were very pleased with Blu who installed our system, and immediately got back to us on a minor issue and resolved it completely. I can't recommend them enough.


As you know, I am a very satisfied customer of the 'Bluewater" products and your service.  In fact I love them.  I  bought the portable reverse-osmosis kit for my drinking water which has been wonderful for me given that I am in a rental apartment and do not want the expense of a major instalment.  I use it probably every couple of days and really do love the taste of the water and just 'knowing' that I am drinking pure water.  After the purchase, I discovered through testing with my naturopath, that I am actually allergic to the chlorine so its not surprising that I never liked the tap water and had always used Britta filters.  But I didn't much like them, either, given the waste I was creating every time I through one away.  So for me, this was a perfect solution for my drinking water.

Almost as important, was the filter you installed for my shower.  Once again, it's portability was a Godsend and I wouldn't have even known it was possible without a full installation which would effect all the taps.  Your service has been 'above and beyond' and I am very grateful.  

If I ever find a more permanent home, I will definitely use the Bluewater services to install a more permanent system throughout.  I couldn't ask for more while living in the city.


I am very satisfied with my water treatment service. The custom installation was delivered on time. It was fast and complete. The water tastes great. In the two year that I have had the system, I have had no issues. I am therefore very satisfied.

Steve & Denise

Our concern about the quality of water our family consumes meant bottled water was delivered to our house for years. We put up with the hassles of ordering, hauling around bottles and occasional breakage until the time we asked our supplier for a water analysis and discovered it wasn't even all that pure.

It was suggested that we explore reverse osmosis water systems and we then decided to consult with a few suppliers. When Robert from BLU came to our house, there was never any doubt. He was extremely knowledgeable, personable, energetic and we discussed all kinds of health related topics as if we had known each other for years.

This water system is excellent - incredibly clean, pure taste and unrivalled ease of use. And whenever we've needed service or advice, Robert is quick to answer us by phone or email and see that we're well looked after.

We sincerely couldn't be happier with the quality of this water system and the service we know we can rely on.

Jim & Pat E

I wanted to repeat how pleased Pat and I are with the installation that your man David did here. He was a real nice guy and very agreeable to do anything I asked to fit the new equipment in the best possible way. Now that we’ve had the Kinetico System for 10 days we are happy that we got it.The soft water is already showing it’s worth in terms of our skin condition; not nearly so dried feeling as it had been before. I think the best part, however, is the drinking water multi-filter r-o unit. The water is a treat to drink instead of having “just a glass of water”. Thanks again for your help Robert.

Don & Kate K

Our experience with Robert and the Bluewater team is superior. We had them install a reverse osmosis filtration system, chlorine removal and water softener. All have functioned as promised and the follow up consults initiated by Robert are both unexpected and appreciated.


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